Part of the Army Service Uniform and Army Dress Uniform, the Army blue Trousers worn by Noncommissioned Officers (Corporal through Command Sergeant Major/Sergeant Major of the Army) and Commissioned Officers are low-waisted, straight-legged and do not have cuffs. The trousers come with side and hip pockets, with the left-hip pocket featuring a buttonhole tab and button for closure.

While the trousers are the same light-blue color as those worn by Junior Enlisted personnel (E-1 to E-3 and E-4 Specialist), they distinguished from them by the addition of a single one-and-a-half-inch wide that is sewn on each outside seam of each trouser leg. The light-blue color also distinguishes them from the trousers worn generals, whose pants are dark blue and have two half-inch braids spaced a half-inch apart sewn onto the outside seam of each trouser leg.

In the back, the trousers’ hem should fall midway between the top of the standard shoe and the top of the heel, while the bottom of the crease in front should reach the top of instep. the trousers should offer enough space around the hips to keep the side pockets from spreading open. The bottom of the waistband should fit within a half-inch of the top of the wearer’s hipbone. More information on fit and size can be found in TM 10-227, Fitting Of Army Uniforms And Footwear.
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