Important: Be aware that cancellation requests for bullion shoulder straps must be made within 24 hours of placing an order because of the substantial time investment required for the custom hand embroidery process.

U.S. Army Cyber Corps shoulder straps are worn with the Army Service Uniform. Regulations regarding the design of shoulder straps is found in Chapter 21, "Wear of Insignia and Accouterments," in Department of the Army Pamphlet 670-1.


With the establishment of Cyber as a basic branch in 2014, the United States Army was faced with several problems whose solutions are far more complex that they seem at first blush. One of the first was finding personnel well-versed in the types of skills needed for defensive and offensive Cyber operations. Several existing Army Career Management Fields (Signals, Electronic Warfare, Military Intelligence) and their related Military Occupational Specialties involve the application of at least some of the principles employed in Cyber operations. But the hard truth is that many of the duties assigned to a Cyber Operations Specialist or a Cyber Operations Technician are not only not taught in formal educational settings, but also are illegal. You won’t find many Computer Science courses, for instance, that offer advanced instruction in the development and distribution of a computer worm designed to indiscriminately erase data on every system that it infects, but that’s precisely the type of action that could be part of a coordinated Cyber attack.

In an effort to jump-start defensive Cyber operations until U.S. Cyber Command and its associated branches in the Armed Forces of the United States, the Pentagon announced a program called “Hack the Pentagon” in 2016. Realizing that many in the “hacker” community were motivated not by greed or malice but simply a fascination with computer-security protocols and other aspects of Cyber operations, the Department Defense designed the program around the concept of “bug bounties”—i.e., a reward would be paid to anyone who discovered vulnerabilities or security gaps in several publicly accessible .mil Web sites. Participants were eligible for bounty payouts ranging from $100 to $15,000, and by the time the three-and-a-half week program ended individuals had discovered nearly 140 security flaws.

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