Warfare in the 21st century is carried out not only on land, sea, and in the sky, but also in the virtual world of cyberspace. It is here that 1st Information Operations Command (IO Command) carries out its task of providing Information Operations support to the Army and other U.S. Military forces. Originally known as the Land Information Warfare Activity Information Dominance Center, the 1st IOC is a component of the U.S. Army Cyber Command, established on October 1 2010.

1st IO Command's motto, “Victory Through the Power of Information,” is embodied in its deployable support teams, specialized training, and reachback analysis and planning. It is comprised of two battalions, with 1st Battalion responsible for the training and deployment of IO teams and 2nd Battalion in charge of Army Computer Network Operations. 1st IO Command’s ultimate mission is to support freedom of action in the information environment while denying the same capability to opposing forces.

Its CSIB employs a green circle to symbolize the unit’s worldwide scope of operations, with the black and white representing the “round the clock” nature of the unit’s watch. A lightning bolt is emblematic of the speed at which the Command operates and its ability to strike at any time or place, while the sword is a solemn representation of the Command’s duty to defend and protect all U.S. Military forces. This design is mirrored in the 1st IO Command's Unit Crest, officially referred to as a Distinctive Unit Insignia.

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