The 104th Training Division Combat Service ID Badge, or CSIB, is a metal facsimile of the colored version of the unit insignia (Shoulder Sleeve Insignia) that was formerly worn on the Class A Green Service uniform. The CSIB is worn on the right side of the Service and Dress uniforms, and is outranked in precedence by just four ID badges: Presidential Service, Vice-Presidential Service, Secretary of Defense, and Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Soldiers may be authorized for a CSIB from more than one unit, but they may wear only one CSIB at a time. Unlike other ID badges, a full-sized CSIB may be worn on Dress uniforms even though regulations call for the wear of miniature badges. When a CSIB is worn, the Soldier has the option of moving other ID badges of lower precedence mandated for wear on the right side of the uniform to the left side in order to give the CSIB a more prominent display; examples include the Guard, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ID badge, Army Staff ID badge, and Drill Sergeant ID badge.

The 104th Training Division was given its current specialized designation of Leader Training in 2009. Nicknamed the “Night Fighters” because it trained in and employed the tactic heavily during World War II, the 104th is still sometimes referred to as “Timberwolf Division.” It is headquartered at Fort Lewis in Washington.

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