Important: Be aware that cancellation requests for bullion shoulder straps must be made within 24 hours of placing an order because of the substantial time investment required for the custom hand embroidery process.

Shoulder straps for Commissioned (O-1 to O-6) and Warrant Officers (W-1 to W-5) in the Military Intelligence Corps are manufactured with11/32-inch gold-colored border and an Oriental Blue background and a Silver Gray interior border. They are manufactured in large and small sizes; both are 1.625 inches wide, and the large straps are 4 inches long while the small are 3.5 inches in length.

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The almost ubiquitous use of digital technology has blurred the lines separating different types and delivery methods of communications, with all of them intersecting at a single point: cyberspace. Regardless of the raw form of intelligence data—text, audio, imagery—it almost inevitably is transformed into some type of digital format for transmission, analysis, or exploitation.

For personnel serving in the Military Intelligence branch, this means that a thorough understanding of the cyber realm is of overarching importance. It also explains why every enlisted specialty in the MI branch serves as a feeder for the Warrant Officer Military Occupational Specialty (WOMOS) 170A Cyber Operations Technician.

As the technical expert on cyber personnel, technology, and capabilities, Cyber Operations Technicians advise the Commander on how best to employ these assets in offensive and defensive operations and oversees their management and integration into various warfighting functions in order to maximize combat effectiveness. At higher ranks, they craft recommendations regarding the training, management, and operation of cyberspace assets at the Army, Joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational levels—an increasingly important function as nations pool their intelligence efforts in an effort to thwart cyberattacks and gain actionable data regarding possible terrorist or military actions.

To be considered for WOMOS 170A, MI personnel must have reached the E-5 (Sergeant) pay grade, logged at least three years of rated service as an NCO, completed the Basic Leader Course, and have a letter of recommendation from a Senior Warrant Officer (preferably a Senior Cyber Warrant Officer). These are in addition to security clearance requirements and documented experience in Cyberspace Operations.

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