Shoulder straps are worn on the Army Service Uniform by Commissioned and Warrant Officers to display both rank and branch of service. Logistics branch shoulder straps feature a Soldier Red background; unlike almost all other branches, the only officer ranks in the Logistics branch are Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and Colonel (the branch has no Warrant Officers). The regulations regarding the design of shoulder straps are found in DA 670-1.


Logistics is a unique branch in that all of its officers were first accessed into one of the three “functional” logistics branches: Ordnance, Quartermaster, or Transportation. Following completion of the Basic Officer Leader Course for one of those branches, future Logistics officers are assigned to a logistics unit (Forward Support Company, Brigade Support Battalion, etc.) where they will serve at different levels, from Platoon Leaders to assistants to battalion-level staff officers (S-4). This provides them with the opportunity to acquire leadership experience and become more IN the nuances of their functional branch of accession.

Upon reaching the grade of Captain in any of the three functional logistic branches, they can take the Logistics Captains Career Course (LOG-C3) held at Army Logistics University, a residency course held at Fort Lee, Virginia. LOG-C3 will form the basis for the multifunctional logistics duties and assignments on the staff of battalions and brigades; those who complete it leave their old branch and are inducted as Captain into the Logistics Branch.

Captains are typically given a company command as their first assignment. Those chosen for promotion to Major (nine to twelve years of service) will begin Intermediate Level training that will prep for Field-Grade Officer duties, with a strong emphasis on leadership skills that incorporate the Warrior Ethos and Warfighting involving full-spectrum operations for not only the Army but joint, interagency, and even multinational organizations. The overwhelming majority of Majors in the Logistics branch serve as staff officers at the battalion level and higher.

Lieutenant Colonel is the grade at which Logistics officers—very few, to be sure—will be chosen to command at the battalion level, while a select group of Colonels in the Logistics branch will have the honor of command at a brigade.

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