The regulations regarding shoulder straps for Warrant Officers and Commissioned Officers below the grade of Brigadier General are found in Chapter 21 of the Department of the Army Pamphlet 670-1, Guide to the Appearance and Wear of Army Uniforms and Insignia. Shoulder-strap backgrounds for these officers are manufactured in the first-named color of the branch or career field, which is Golden Yellow for Electronic Warfare (EW) personnel. The secondary color of Black forms an interior border that is bounded on the edges of the strap with golden braid.

Although the Army established Area of Concentration 29A, EW Officer, in 2009, this is a Functional Area and therefore officers serving in it continue to wear their original branch colors and insignia, such as Infantry or Armor. Consequently, only Warrant Officers wear Electronic Warfare shoulder straps or service caps featuring a Golden Yellow and Black hatband.

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With the re-establishment of Electronic Warfare Officers, Technicians, and Specialists in 2009, it was important for the Army to define precisely what constituted Electronic Warfare (EW). Because of rapid advances in wireless network technologies that work within the electromagnetic spectrum, considerable confusion could arise over whether a particular function or operation would fall under the domain of EW as opposed to, say, Information Operations or Cyber.

Field Manual 3-36, Electronic Warfare in Operations, was published in February 2009 to address such issues. It defines EW as “military action involving the use of electromagnetic and directed energy to control the electromagnetic spectrum or to attack the enemy,” and divides it into three types: Electronic Attack, Electronic Protection, and Electronic Warfare Support. More importantly, it details how EW capabilities can be utilized to augment, defend, or support the six warfighting functions: Command and Control, Intelligence, Fires, Movement and Maneuver, Protection, and Sustainment.

Currently, EW capabilities related to the Fires warfighting function involve detecting and locating enemy targets through their electromagnetic footprints and helping commanders decide on the type of attack and its impact (destruction, degradation, or disruption). The development of directed-energy weapons would give EW the type of destructive power associated with explosive or kinetic weapons, but significant technological hurdles such as negating the dispersal effect of particulate matter in the atmosphere and massive energy-generation requirements must be overcome before directed energy weapons can be effectively deployed in an operational environment.

Important : The Bullion shoulder straps are custom hand embroidered per order and would take about 10 business days to be ready. As such, past 24 hours of placing the order, the bullion shoulder straps are no longer cancelable.

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