Our service cap for Field Grade officers in Psychological Operations is worn with the Army Service Uniform. It features arc leaves embroidered in beautiful gold bullion on the visor, a grosgrain silk hatband in the Psychological Operations branch colors of Bottle Green and Silver Gray, and goldenlite chinstrap that accentuates the hatband’s golden braid border.

Manufactured new, our service caps ship mounted and ready to wear.
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Like any other type of military activity, psychological operations have evolved to make the most of available technology. With the deployment of vast numbers of aircraft during World War II, for example, Allied forces were able to drop leaflets containing messages aimed to convince enemy combatants of the hopelessness of their situation and urging them to surrender instead of being needlessly sacrificed for a lost cause. In a particularly clever twist, some leaflets also contained the reminder that the same planes that dropped the words of warning could just as easily have dropped bombs.

Another tactic first deployed during World War II was the loudspeaker system, primarily mounted on Sherman “talking tanks” and operated by an American Psychological Operator. For German soldiers fighting on their native soil, hearing an American offering humane treatment and even food and medicine in exchange for surrendering in the face of long and even overwhelming odds could be quite convincing. Besides encouraging soldiers to surrender, loudspeakers served as a means to degrade the morale of those who still chose to remain and fight, as well as a way to inform civilians of the proper courses of action to take to ensure their safety in light of coming military operations.

While they might seem something of a throwback in the digital age, leaflets and loudspeakers are tried and true tools for battlefield psychological operations and are as effective now as they have ever been. During the Gulf War (1991), for example, nearly 30 million leaflets were dropped over the course of seven weeks—and the International Red Cross reported that most of the 87,000 troops that surrendered peacefully were holding one of those leaflets or had one in their clothing.

The Gulf War leaflet program was so effective, in fact, that in response to the leaflets being dropped before the 2003 U.S. invasion, the Iraqi government not only made it illegal to possess a leaflet on pain of imprisonment or death, but also spread rumors that the Iraqis were themselves dropping “counterfeit” U.S. leaflets laced with anthrax.

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