The service cap worn by Field Grade Infantry Officers is instantly recognizable because of its Light Blue hatband. The arcs of oaks on the visor—commonly referred to as “scrambled eggs— are embroidered in beautiful gold bullion and indicate the wearer is either a Field-Grade Commissioned Officer (O-4 to O-6) or Warrant Officer (W-3 to W-5). A goldenlite synthetic chinstrap picks up on the gold-colored border of the hatband, as well as the stripes on the trousers of the Army Service Uniform and the Blue Mess Dress uniform.

Our caps are manufactured new in Army Shade 450 and ship mounted and ready to wear.

In November 2014, the Army released an administrative revision to AR 60020, Army Command Policy, that reclassified the categories of both Commissioned and Warrant Officers. For commissioned officers, the change was primarily in nomenclature: Colonels (O-6) were placed in a new category of “Senior Field Grade Officers,” which consisted just the one officer grade in spite of the plural in the title. Lieutenant Colonels (0-5) and Majors (O-6) remained classified as Field Grade Officers.  Even with the new classification, however, Colonels were still authorized to wear the Field Grade service cap.

Some Warrant Officers, on the other hand, were more impacted by the change. Chief Warrant Officers, 5 (W-5) were recategorized as “Senior Field Grade Warrant Officers”—quite the change, since all Warrant Officers were previously placed in a single category with no reference to Company- or Field-Grade status. Chief Warrant Officers, 4 and 3 (W-3 and W-4), on the other hand, were now classified as “Field Grade Warrant Officers,” and along with their W-5 counterparts were authorized to wear the Field Grade service cap. The lowest two Warrant Officer grades, W-1 and W-2, were now designated “Company Grade Warrant Officers” and, of course, were authorized to continue wearing the Company Grade service cap.

For Infantry officers, however, these changes might have been interesting to read about, but they had no real impact on either their uniform and insignia purchases for one simple reason: There are no Warrant Officer positions in the Infantry Career Management Field (11).

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