Although purchase and wear of the service cap is optional for Field Grade officers (O-4 to O-6) in the United States Army Finance Corps, it should be considered an essential uniform component for those who take pride in their branch of service. Features of our service cap include:
  • Manufactured in Army Shade 450 to match the Army Service Uniform
  • Stunning gold bullion fish on the visor
  • Grosgrain silk hatband manufactured in Finance Corps’ branch colors of Silver Gray and Golden Yelow
  • Goldenlite chinstrap
  • Cap ships mounted and ready to wear
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Following their commissioning, officers destined for careers in the Finance Corps will attend Finance Basic Officer Leaders Course (BOLC). The BOLC is divided into a Common Core curriculum, which teaches candidates the essential skills and knowledge to carry out foundational combat tactics and tasks, and branch-specific Technical Training.

All branches of the Army have BOLCs that include the Common Core training; not counting Field Training Exercise, it comprises over a third of the Finance BOLC academic hours. Future Finance Corps officers who successfully complete the Common Core will be able to command small-unit operations and tactics, manage convoy operations, and employ Combat Survivability techniques.

Officers who graduate from BOLC will have mastered all the proficiencies necessary to assume the Financial Managements duties at the first unit where they are assigned. Much of this involves not only the payment and disbursement of funds—processing funding requests, performing pay-agent operations, managing cash flow, using the Deployable Disbursing System, and conducing overall Financial Management planning and operations—but also attending to the all-important financial paperwork involved with each transaction.

The importance of accurately recording every aspect of a financial entry was revealed in a 2016 Inspector General’s report that revealed trillions of dollars in expenditures were not properly accounted for because technicians had not entered all the necessary information as they made adjustments to financial statements. This didn’t mean the money had “vanished,” as some news outlets reported, but rather that the funds could not be tracked as they should be—an issue that is sure to become more important as Congress seeks to find ways to reduce government spending in an effort to lower the nation’s debt.

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