The service cap for Field Grade officers in the Army Corps of Engineers is authorized for wear by both commissioned officers (pay grades O-4 to O-6) and warrant officers (W-3 to W-5). Featuring two arcs of oak leaves crafted from dazzling gold bullion, the Field Grade service cap is manufactured in Army Shade 450 to perfectly match the Army Service Uniform (ASU). A grosgrain silk hatband featuring the Corps of Engineers branch colors of Scarlet and White is bounded by gold braid top and bottom, and the goldenlite chinstrap complements both the gold bullion and the golden stripe on the ASU trousers.

Our service caps are manufactured new and ship mounted and ready to wear, and they meet or exceed all Army specifications. Do not settle for a second-hand or hand-me-down cover—show pride in your career and display your commitment to excellence with a new, never-issued service cap.
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On February 24, 1991, the United States Army launched an offensive to expel Iraqi forces from Kuwait—a goal it achieved decisively in a span of just 100 hours. But for the Army Corps of Engineers, which had already engaged in mammoth construction efforts to ensure U.S. troops were housed and supply chains established and maintained, the work was just beginning.

As the Iraqis fled Kuwait, they turned to the centuries-old tactic of a “scorched earth policy”—but in this case the term was all too literal. More than 600 oil wells were blown up by the retreating Iraq soldiers, leaving the United States Army to launch the largest oil-firefighting operations ever undertaken. Working with Kuwaiti experts familiar with the oil fields and their wells, the Corps of Engineers developed a plan to suppress the fires and ultimately cap the wells.

Best-guess estimates at how long it would take to extinguish all the fires and bring the wells back on line were up to two years, but in the space of just five months enough wells had been repaired to allow Kuwait to resume oil exports, the lifeblood of its economy. By November, all of the fires had been put out and every well capped.

While these efforts naturally grabbed headlines, the Corps of Engineers was also busy helping repair infrastructure and facilities. Before its mission was completed, the Corps had helped to build, rebuild, or repair the country’s Parliament building, hundreds of government buildings including schools, eight bridges, ninety electrical substations, the national water and sanitation system, and two deep-water shipping ports.

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