With the introduction of the Army Service Uniform (ASU) to replace the Green Class A dress uniform, possession of the blue service cap became mandatory for both Officers and enlisted Personnel. Whether Commissioned or Warrant, Electronic Warfare officers will appreciate the quality of craftmanship of our service caps. Features include:
  • Manufactured in Army Shade 450
  • Oak-leaf arcs embroidered in lustrous gold bullion
  • Hatband in Electronic Warfare branch colors Golden Yellow and Black
  • Goldenlite chinstrap
Our caps are Berry-compliant, manufactured new in the USA, and ship mounted and ready to wear.

It’s no secret that the Army sees the electromagnet spectrum (EMS), the domain of Officers and Soldiers in Functional Area 29 Electronic Warfare, as part and parcel of the Cyber realm. In 2016, the Army announced it would be folding FA 29 personnel into a new Cyber directorate in its G-3/5/7 office at the Pentagon—this in spite of the fact that Electronic Warfare had been given its own Functional Area just five years earlier in 2011.

Part of the reason for the move, of course, is the overlap between the EMS and Cyber operations brought on by the explosive growth in wireless transmission, spurred in no small part by the use of digital data formats. Command and communications transmitted via the EMS will almost always wind up in some form on a computer network, i.e., a Cyber system.

Another reason is empirical: the United States has seen other nations make the move toward combining the two fields under one operational command structure, with good results. Of particular interest to leaders in the Army’s Cyber branch is what appears to be a coordination of electronic warfare and cyber attacks by Russia in the fighting in the Ukraine. Numerous reports abound of Russian EW personnel jamming the communications network employed by Ukrainian battlefield commanders, while Cyber specialists launched numerous attacks aimed at Ukraine’s power grid.

However, it should be pointed out that even if these reports are true, it remains unclear what operational advantages would be gained by placing EW Officers and enlisted Personnel into a larger, more expansive Cyber branch. While elimination of redundancy is a good thing (except in backup systems), the Army needs to keep an eye on this merger process to ensure that neither Cyber nor Electronic Warfare proponents inadvertently stymie innovation in efforts to maintain the integrity of their own fields of specialty.

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