The service cap worn by Enlisted Soldiers serving in the Infantry is identical to the ones worn by all Enlisted personnel—almost. It is manufactured in Army Shade 450; it features a hatband in the same shade bordered only on the top with a gold braid; and its hatband is made of leather to match the visor. It even sports the same insignia—a 1.5-inch gold-colored disk with the Coat of Arms of the United states attached to it—secured to the cap through an eyelet.

But you don’t need to look more than once to notice what makes the Enlisted Infantryman’s service cap unique. Attached to the cap device is a disk in the Infantry branch color of Light Blue, indicating that the wearer holds an Infantry PMOS (Primary Military Occupational Specialty).

The idea of a special insignia for enlisted Infantry was the result of low morale during the Korean War—the first large-scale war our Soldiers had been asked to wage when our country or its citizens or vessels had not been directly attacked by a foreign nation. Seeking a way to let Infantrymen know that the Army was painfully aware of just how much of the brunt of the conflict had been placed upon them and that it recognized their sacrifices, Chief of Staff of the Army J. Lawton Collins and his advisers came up with the concept of unique insignia that would identify the wearer as an Infantryman. Besides honoring the essential work done by the Infantry, the new insignia would serve as a way to bolster esprit-de-corps amongst Infantrymen themselves.

In addition to the blue disk, Collins also recommended a Light Blue shoulder cord, making the Infantry the only enlisted personnel authorized to wear such an accouterment. Both the shoulder cord and insignia disk were first worn by the 3rd Infantry Regiment, known as the “Old Guard,” before they were made standard issue to all Infantry personnel in 1952.

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