Our service cap for Field Grade Cyber Corps officers is authorized for wear by Commissioned Officers in grade O-4 to O-6 (Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel) and Chief Warrant Officers at or above the grade of W-3. Features include:
  • Manufactured new in Army Shade 450
  • Beautiful embroidered gold bullion on the cap visor
  • Gold-bordered hatband in Cyber branch colors Silver Gray and Black
  • Synthetic goldenlite chinstrap matchers stripes on ASU trousers
  • Ships mounted, ready to wear
While Army regulations classify the service cap as an optional item, it should be considered a must-have for Cyber Corps officers who are proud of their branch and their own commitment to excellence.

The notion of a “cyber Pearl Habor” was first introduced to the public by computer-security maven Winn Schwartau, who referred to the possibility of an “electronic Pearl Harbor” in 1991. But it was only with the rise of the Internet and the explosive growth in computer networks that the concept began to be taken more seriously by the general public. Unfortunately, the focus in recent years has been on hacks rather than attacks. Numerous financial institutions have had their networks cyber-burglarized; Sony Pictures was the victim of an embarrassing hack that resulted in the release of both unreleased movies and personal information of employees; and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management suffered a network breach that resulted in the theft of personnel records—including fingerprint data—of more than 20 million employees.

As troubling as these hacks are, however, they pale in comparison to the damage that could be caused by a large, well-coordinated cyberattack aimed at destroying or compromising computer networks responsible for controlling infrastructure facilities and systems like electrical grids, transportation systems, industrial machinery, and communications networks. While many in the IT world say that visions of cyber attacks shutting down nationwide systems are on the fanciful side, one only need consider the example of the Stuxnet virus to get an idea of just how significant the threat really is.

First identified in 2010 but believed to have been developed several years earlier, Stuxnet was a computer virus that appears to have been created with a specific purpose: to wreck the centrifuges used by Iran to enrich uranium which could then be used to fuel nuclear power plants—or manufacture nuclear weapons. Stuxnet was introduced Iran’s computer networks via a USB drive, at which point it began scouring the network for all systems running Microsoft Windows. Once on those computers, it then searched only for those machines that were running Siemens’ Step7 software, used to control industrial systems, and took control of the software’s programmable logic controllers.

At that point, the compromised controllers could be used to make the centrifuges run at the wrong speeds and destroy them or make them inoperable. The virus’ crowning achievement: as the centrifuges went haywire, the virus “recorded” and “played back” readings that made it appear to operators everything was operating normally.

Precisely who developed Stuxnet has never been confirmed, but the overwhelming consensus is that it was an American-Israeli creation. But after a White House official obliquely claimed U.S. credit for the Stuxnet cyberattack in 2011 and a New York Times story stated it was a U.S-Israeli operation, Iran allegedly retaliated by infecting Saudi Arabian oil company Aramco’s computers with a virus that erased the data on 75 percent of the and replacing it with an image of a burning American flag.

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