Officers in the Civil Affairs branch who been promoted to the rank of Major, Lieutenant Colonel, or Colonel have the privilege of wearing the service cap for Field Grade officers. Manufactured new in Army Shade 450, the service cap is the perfect complement to the Army Service Uniform, with the stunning gold bullion finish on the visor helping to highlight the trousers’ stripes and the goldenlite chinstrap.

The cap’s hatband features the Civil Affairs branch colors of purple and white bounded by gold braid top and bottom. Our caps are guaranteed to have never been previously issued and ship mounted and ready to wear.
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In 2014, the United States Army created the Military Government Specialist (38G) Area of Concentration in a move to expand the capabilities of its Civil Affairs branch. It was the first significant change to the MOS structure of Civil Affairs since it was designated a basic branch of the Army in 2007.

The new, reserve-only specialty 38G AOC was created to help the Army more rapidly fill the need for Reservists with the levels of education and experience that would permit them to contribute to the Civil Affairs mission with the least amount of time spent in training. Turning to the Reserve to find officers with the requisite skills was a no-brainer: as stated in MILPER 15-403, “38G AOC leverages civil sector expertise inherent of officers within the United States Army Reserve.”

Throughout 2015 and 2016, Officers in the United States Army Reserve, National Guard, and Individual Ready Reserve (non-Active Guard/Reserve) with experience in civil affairs competencies such as public safety, public administration, health and welfare, economics and commerce, education, and public information were encouraged to transfer from their current branch into the new specialty. These areas of expertise are related directly to several Army skill identifiers:
  • Economist/Commerce Officer
  • Public Education Officer
  • Civilian Supply Officer
  • Public Transportation Officer
  • Public Facilities Officer
  • Public Safety Officer
  • Public Communications Officer
  • Agricultural Officer
  • Cultural Affairs Officer
  • Archivist

While officers from all branches were eligible to apply for this new Civil Affairs specialty, members of the Army Medical Department, Judge Advocate General's Corps and Chaplain Corps had to first gain permission to be released from their branch before they could begin the transfer process.

In August, 2016, the Army announced the continuation of the program to encourage more transfers into the 38G AOC. MILPER-16-237 extended eligibility of the transfer program until August 19, 2017.

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