Our U.S. Army service cap for Field Grade officers (O-4 to O-6) and Field Grade warrant officer (W-3 to W-5) is manufactured to meet or exceed all Army specifications and regulations. The service cap for these Chemical Corps officers features a hatband in the branch’s two colors, Cobalt Blue and Golden Yellow, and the visor is emblazoned with arcs of oak leaves in a beautiful gold bullion finish. Your service cap ships mounted and ready to wear.

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Just as with any area of military operations, the scope of the Chemical Corps mission has expanded over the decades in response to advances in weapons technology. Though certainly devastating and frightening, the types of toxic gas employed during World War I were quickly eclipsed by the development of much more lethal nerve agents World War. Research into biological warfare was conducted at a furious pace following World War II by both the United States and the Soviet Union, with the Chemical Corps carrying out both scientific studies on both bioweapons and defenses agains them at Fort Detrick, Maryland. And radiological toxins capable of being weaponized in the form of “dirty bombs” were uncovered during nuclear weapons research.

For the first eighty-plus years of its existence, the Chemical Corps was focused on the deployment of chemical and bioweapons in a combat setting. But that changed almost overnight following the terrorist attacks of September, 2001 and the realization that a major, deadly attack could be launched against the United States by a small group of fanatical extremists. The threat became even more pronounced with the subsequent anthrax letter attacks that infected nearly two dozen people, killing five and making it clear that, for the Chemical Corps, the homeland was a potential battlefield.

In 2008, the Chemical Corps changed the name of its training facility from the U.S. Army Chemical School to the U.S. Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear School (USACBRNS) to reflect the Corps’ mission to protect both troops and citizens from these types of threats, often delivered via asymmetric warfare. One of the most important tools at the Corps disposal in countering biological warfare agents—the most difficult of the threats it must counter—is the M31A2 Biological Integrated Detection System (BIDS).

Besides being able to collect as many as ten airborne biological warfare agents simultaneously, the M31A2 employs GPS and up-to-the-minute meteorological data to predict where those agents are likely to be dispersed. Given the lethality of bioweapons agents, this information will assist the Corps in maximizing public safety through the most effective countermeasure of all: immediate evacuation..

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