Organizational flashes are worn instead of the standard blue Army flash on the green, maroon, and tan berets authorized to personnel in or associated with Special Forces, Airborne, and Ranger units, respectively. Units crests in the form of Distinctive Unit Insignia or Regimental Distinctive Insignia are worn centered on the flashes of Enlisted personnel, while Officers wear nonsubdued insignia of grade.  Ovals serve as backings for Parachutist and Air Assault badges (they are officially designated as background trimming) worn on the Army Service/Dress uniform and the Army Maternity Tunic.

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The 8th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne) was originally activated at Fort Bragg on 26 August 2011 as the 8th Military Information Support Group (Airborne), reflecting the Army’s decision that same year to rename and “rebrand” its Psychological Operations branch. That move was reversed in November 2017, and today the 8th is one of two Psychological Operation Groups (POG) along with the 4th; both are headquartered at Fort Bragg and operate under the United States Army Special Operations Command. The Group comprised around 1100 personnel when it was formed, with 1070 Soldiers and about 60 civilian analysts.

With a motto of “Decisive Influence,” the 8th POG (Airborne) comprises three PSYOP battalions, two assigned to regional Unified Combatant Commands (the 1st is allocated for U.S. SOUTHCOM and the 5th TO U.S. PACOM) and a single Tactical Battalion that disseminates products developed by the regional battalions, which are staffed with experts and linguists steeped in the cultural, religious, ethnic, and religious climate of a given area.

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