Organizational flashes are worn in place of the standard Army flash by personnel authorized to wear either Special Forces (green), Airborne (maroon), or Ranger (tan) berets. Enlisted personnel center their unit crest (either a Distinctive Unit Insignia a Regimental Distinctive Insignia) on the flash, while Officers center their nonsubdued insignia of grade on it.

Background trimming, commonly referred to as an “oval” despite the fact many have a geometric shaped call a stadium rather forming a true oval, serves as a backing to highlight Parachutist and Air Assault medals. A badge and oval together is counted and measured as a single ornamentation; if a coat lapel obscures any portion of a badge on an oval, the badge-oval may be positioned so that left side of the oval is aligned with the left side of ribbon or medal rack. Ovals are authorized for wear on the Army Service/Dress uniform jacket, the shirt of the Service uniform, or the Maternity Tunic.
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The 7th Special Operations Support Command, officially designated the 7th Theater Army Special Operations Support Command, was responsible for the planning, coordination, and monitoring of sustainment and support of communications, support, personnel and logistics resources for Army Special Operations Forces. Assigned to U.S. Army Europe, the Army element of U.S. European Command, 7th TASOSC was tasked with support of a forward-deployed Army Special Forces battalion in German, and it had served as the “beta test” for finalizing the doctrinal theater support structure for Army Special Forces Operations.

Ultimately, the Army was never happy with the results of the TASOSC system, and in 1995 it reorganized the five different TASOSCs into the Special Operations Support Command (Airborne), the predecessor of today’s 528th Sustainment Brigade (Special Operations) (Airborne).

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