Technically known as Airborne background trimming, the oval approved for authorized personnel in 1st Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment was approved on 28 February 1988. The official designation is derived from the use of ovals as backing for Parachutist and/or Air Assault badges when these awards are worn on the coats of Army Service Uniforms (AGSU, ASU, and Dress variant of ASU), the shirt of the Class B ASU, or the green or blue Army Maternity Tunic.

When the badge is centered on the oval, the embroidered patch creates a trim effect around the medal (although for the star or wreathed star of Senior and Master Parachutist Medals respectively will protrude above the patch).

An oval and badge count as a single item when calculating the allowable number of medals on one of the approved uniforms, which have varying regulations regarding total badges as well as placement of them. Detailed instructions on the placement of badges are found in Chapter 22-16, subsection (b), “Wear of nonsubdued combat and special skill badges and special skill tab metal replicas.”

1st Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment was originally constituted at the same as the 17th Cavalry Regiment as the unit’s Troop A. It served in seven campaigns during the First and Second World Wars before being disbanded on 9 March 1951. When it was reconstituted in September 1957, it was consolidated with the 82nd Airborne Reconnaissance Company and the consolidated unit was once again designated as the 17th Cavalry Regiment’s Troop A, but now an element of the 82nd Airborne Division. In May 1964, it was given its current designation of HQ and HQ Troop, 1st Squadron, 17th Cavalry, and it was under this name that it fought in seven campaigns in Vietnam, earning two Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm awards between 1968 and 1969.

After the 17th Cavalry Regiment was reorganized under the U.S. Army Regimental System in 1987, the unit retained its status as an element of the 82nd Airborne and was assigned to the Division’s Combat Aviation Brigade. Since the launch of the War on Terrorism, the Squadron (1-17 CAV) has earned two Meritorious Unit Commendations and, in April 2010, was chosen for a Valorous Unit Award for its courage in combat between 22 April 2009 and 7 April 2010.

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