The Special Warfare Badge, also known as the “SEAL Trident”, is one of the most recognizable combat badges of the United States Navy.
First created in the 1960s, the Special Warfare Badge recognizes those service members who have completed the Navy’s Basic Underwater Demolition course, or BUDS training, and have been designated as U.S. Navy SEALs.
The Special Warfare Badge was initially issued in two grades, being a gold badge for officers and silver for enlisted. In the 1970s, the Silver SEAL Badge was abolished and the Special Warfare Badge was issued thereafter in a single grade.
The SEAL badge is therefore unique in the Navy in that it is one of the few badges issued in a single grade for both officers and enlisted personnel. This is partly due to the combined training that both officers and enlisted receive, side by side, when involved in BUDS training.
The Special Warfare Badge consists of a golden eagle clutching a U.S. Navy anchor, trident, and pistol.