The Distinctive Unit Insignia (also called a unit crest or DUI) authorized for the U.S. Army Element, United States Strategic Command uses much of the same imagery and symbolism found in the organization’s Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (unit patch). A raised, mailed fist is an obvious symbol of strength, power, and loyalty; its black color denotes solidarity and unity in the joint unified Command. The gold used for the trim of the mail, as well as for the background in the center portion of the insignia and the script of the motto.

Lightning flashes in the fist are a natural symbol of not only the speed at which the Command unleash an attack, but also the power it can deliver and are thus linked to the “EMPLOY” part of the two-word motto. “DETER,” on the other hand, is linked to the olive branch: an enemy attack deterred is also a peace preserved.

One of eleven unified combatant command’s, the United States Strategic Command mission statement is that it “deters strategic attack and employs forces, as directed, to guarantee the security of our nation and our allies.” Three components from DoD military branches—the Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command, the Air Force’s Global Strike Command, and the Navy’s Fleet Forces Command—are coordinated and commanded by the three functional components of STRATCOM: Joint Force Air Component Commander, Joint Force Functional Component Command for Integrated Missile Defense, and Joint Force Maritime Component Command.

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