The Heritage Green Necktie worn with the Army Green Service Uniform (AGSU) is a two-fold, four-in-hand tie with pointed ends made of a 55/45 polywool blend in a tropical weave; neckties of similarly woven or knitted fabric are also approved.

It is worn in either a Windsor, half-Windsor, or four-in-and knot. Regardless of the knot, the necktie must be tied so that its front end is no shorter than two inches above the top of the AGSU belt buckle, but it also must not extend past the bottom of the buckle. Tie tacks and tie clasps are authorized for wear assuming they are of conservative styling.

The Heritage Green four-in-hand tie is worn with the Class A variation of the AGSU when wearing either short- or long-sleeve AGSU shirts. The necktie is required when wearing the long-sleeved AGSU Shirt without the Class A Service Coat, but is optional if the short-sleeved shirt is worn without the Coat. It’s also optional when wearing the Heritage Green 564 Pullover Sweater.

(b)  The heritage green four-in-hand necktie is worn with the Class A AGSU and with the short- and long-sleeved service uniform shirts. The necktie is required for wear when the long-sleeved shirt is worn without the Class A coat and when the short- and long-sleeved shirts are worn with the Class A coat. It is optional when the short-sleeved shirt is worn with the Class B uniform and when either the short- or long-sleeved shirt is worn with the heritage green 564 pullover sweater.


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