The huge majority of officers in the Navy Supply Corps are commissioned officers who had already earned at least a four-year college degree before joining the service and attending Officer School Candidate School in Newport Rhode Island, followed by a nearly seven-month-long Basic Qualification Course (also held at Newport).

But it is possible for enlisted Sailors to become officers in the Supply Corps. One way is to be commissioned as officers normally are, but after having signed up for service. Another method—for a while, at least—was to become a Chief Warrant Officer. Chief Warrant Officers are experts in a particular field, having acquired their knowledge through long years of hands-on experience in a giving rating. Amazingly, CWOs have skills and knowledge that surpass that of a Master Chief Petty Officer.

While there are a host of eligibility requirements that must be met to qualify for the Navy’s CWO program, the basic ones are fairly straightforward. Applicants must be U.S. citizens who are serving on active duty at a paygrade of E7 through E9 (Chief Petty Officer to MCPO), have a high-school diploma or an equivalent degree accepted by the Navy, have a clean record in terms of courts-martial or non-military judicial proceedings, and have complete at least a dozen years of active service (but no more than 22 years). And all CWO candidates must be recommended by their commanding officer.  

The Chief Warrant Officer position is not found in Staff Corps such as Medical or Dental because of the need for extensive post-graduate training and education. But a Sailor who has reached Master Chief Petty Officer in a rating such as Logistics Specialist is likely to have spent over twenty years working with supply chains, inventories, shipping, and other areas which Supply Corps officers oversee.

In 2011, the CWO accession for Supply Corps was eliminated. Until that time, Sailors in four ratings—Culinary Specialist, Personnel Specialist, Ship’s Serviceman, Logistics Specialist—were eligible for the CWO program.

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