The three stars on our tie tacks and clasps is the rank insignia for Lieutenant Generals (Army, Air Force, Marines) and Vice Admirals (Navy and Coast Guard). All branches of the Armed Forces of the United States allow the wear or tie tacks, clasps, or bars featuring insignia of rank with long neckties that meet the standards spelled out in their respective uniform manuals. Also spelled out in the different uniform regulations are instructions on how tie tacks or clasps are to be worn.

Of course, three-star Field and Flag officers do not spend time poring over uniform manuals. Nearly every aspect of a Lieutenant General’s or Vice Admiral’s dress-uniform preparation—including a detail seemingly as minor as placement of a Lieutenant General’s tie tack or a Vice Admiral’s tie clasp—is handled by an enlisted aide. Enlisted aides are not only intimately familiar with the regulations governing placement of medals, insignias, and accouterments on dress uniforms, but also knows the General Officer’s personal preferences when different clothing options are available. Enlisted aides are also responsible for food preparation, trip planning, maintenance of living quarters, event scheduling, security—anything that is related to providing support and assistance to General Officers as they fulfill their official duties.

Over the past couple of decades, the various military service have introduced Enlisted Aide of the Year competitions, with the winners from each branch competing in an event hosted annually by the Department of Defense. The competition is divided into a four sections: an exam with 50 culinary questions and 50 questions related to aide duties, a hot-food challenge, an oral exam before a panel of experienced enlisted aides and aide program managers, and a uniform-assembly challenge. The first competition was held in 2003 and was won by a Food Service Specialist serving as the enlisted aide to the Commandant of the Coast Guard.

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