Featuring the distinctive silver bar that has been the insignia for First Lieutenants in the U.S. Army since 1872, our 1LT tie tack or clasp is also suitable for First Lieutenants in the Air Force and Marine Corps and Lieutenants Junior Grade in the Navy or Coast Guard. For many O-2 officers, the tie tack or clasp is the final touch necessary to round out their dress-uniform wardrobe. But while they share a common insignia on a common accessory, they also need to refer to their service’s uniform regulations for guidance on how this accessory is to be worn.
  • For Lieutenants Junior Grade in the Navy, the tack or clasp is worn on the four-in-hand tie. It is positioned horizontally one inch below the center of the tie (the uniform coat should cover it when buttoned).
  • First Lieutenants in the Air Force center the clasp or tack between the bottom of the knot and the bottom of the tie. Long ties in the Air Force are to manufactured of blue polyester or silk in a herringbone twill weave.
  • Marine Corps regulations specify that First Lieutenant tie clasps or tie tacks are to be placed horizontally on the lower half of the necktie, midway between the third and fourth buttons from the top of the shirt.
  • Coast Guard regulations require tie tacks and tie bars to be aligned with the middle of the shirt pocket, and must not be visible when worn with the Service Dress Blue coat.
  • Army uniform rules state only that tie tacks or clasps are authorized for wear with the four-in-hand tie provided they are "conservative."

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