The Army authorizes the wear of a “conservative” tie tack or tie clasp for male officers who are wearing the four-in-hand tie necktie. For Second Lieutenants, we offer a choice between a classic tie clasp that displays the single gold car of the 2nd Lieutenant insignia without puncturing the tie or a tie tack that is secured to the shirt with a pin. Four-in-hand neckties may be purchased from commercial vendors (we offer a Mil-Spec four-in-hand tie at a surprisingly low price—look here). The only knots that are authorized for use with the four-in-hand are the four-in-hand (of course), Windsor, and half-Windsor.

We highly recommend the 2nd Lieutenant Tie Tack or Clasp for officers who’ve just begun their careers. Besides displaying your pride of service in a tasteful fashion, the tack or clasp also serves double duty when worn with civilian clothes that call for the wear of long neckties.

The single gold bar that’s used for the rank insignia of a Second Lieutenant (O-1) in the Army is of course used for the insignia of officers of equivalent ranks in the other branches of the Armed Forces of the United States, but this doesn't mean any tie with the 2LT insignia is suitable for wear with the uniforms of other services. In fact, the only other of the five branches of the Armed Forces of the United States with regulations that unquestionably authorize the wear of this particular tack or clasp is the United States Air Force: Its only requirements for a tie clasp or tack is that it feature either the "wing and star" design, an Air Force symbol, or rank insignia.

On the other hand, while the gold-colored tie tack might pass muster in the Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps, the tie clasp and its silver bar most certainly would not: all three services require tie tacks or clasps to be gold.

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