Enlisted personnel who have received the Expeditionary Warfare (EXW) Specialist Designation are authorized to wear this decorative belt buckle featuring the EXW insignia approved on July 31, 2006. Based on the Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist insignia, it features a patrol boat superimposed over a crossed cutlass and M-16 rifle, set against a background of ocean swells. Note that this belt buckle is worn only by enlisted personnel, with the buckle of CPO belts made in gold and those for junior enlisted made in silver.

The EXW Specialist qualification standards have been developed by Navy Expeditionary Combat Command, which was created in January 2006 to bring several organizations and commands under a single scope of authority. These include the Commanders of Task Forces 56, 68, and 75; the Coastal Riverine Force; Explosive Ordnance Disposal; Naval Construction Force: Navy Expeditionary Intelligence Command; Navy Expedtionary War-Fighting Development Center; Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group; and the Expeditionary Combat Readiness Command.

The EXW Specialist designation was voluntary when it was originally established, but in 2010 it became mandatory for all Sailors assigned to NECC commands if they do not belong to a specialized community that required qualification for the Seabee Combat Warfare Badge, Navy Diving Badge, or Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge.) Sailors are, however, permitted to wear more than one warfare qualification badge at a time.)


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