One of the seven ratings available to Sailors in the Constructionman junior rating, Construction Mechanic (CM) was established in 1958 from the Mechanic rating. The duties of a Navy Construction Mechanic are almost completely summed up in the rating title: if a piece of equipment is involved in construction, then a Construction Mechanic is involved in its repair and maintenance. Dumptrucks, cranes, backhoes, bulldozers, drills, pile drivers, buses, and other heavy equipment falls under the purview of the Construction Mechanic.

Of course, this extends to the overseeing the supply of parts involved in performing those tasks, so Construction Mechanics must also carry out management functions such as scheduling maintenance, keeping an on the inventory of spare parts (both for construction equipment and the tools used to service that equipment), and making estimates of requisite manpower, materials, and equipment.

Currently, there are roughly 1700 women and men serving as Construction Mechanics in the Navy. But as Overseas Contingency Operations continue apace in the Global War on Terror, the need for construction of temporary and long-term bases and installations remains unabated, so there are a great deal of opportunities for Sailors interested in making a career in the CM rating. Should they stay in the service long enough to reach a paygrade of E9, their rating will merge with the Equipment Operator (EO) rating into Master Chief Equipmentman (EQCM).

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