Established in 1963, the Aviation Maintenance Administrationman (AZ) rating blends a broad swath of managerial, technical, and clerical duties designed to keep U.S. Navy aircraft in peak operational condition through efficient and timely maintenance activities. Aside from pursuing the Information Systems Technician (IT) rating, there is probably no other career path in the Navy that is as well-suited to a post-service career involving data and information as that found in the Aviation Maintenance Administrationman rating.

Like all enlisted personnel, potential AZs will attend Recruit training before being sent to the Class “A” Technical School at the Naval Technical Training Center in Meridian, Mississippi. The curriculum is delivered through an 11-week, self-paced computer course designed to teach students how to use—under the watchful eye of a supervisor—Technical Libraries, Aircraft Inventory Reporting Systems, Maintenance Administration, Logs and Records related to Maintenance and Production Control, and the Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System (NALCOMIS).

Because NALCOMIS was initiated in 1977 as a much-needed step to automate reporting requirements and associated record-keeping tasks, one of the jobs all AZs will face in one form or another is the migration of data from legacy systems. Typically, this involves moving data that has accumulated in “stovepipe” applications designed to handle a single aspect of the aviation maintenance endeavor to newer, “enterprise” systems that automatically integrate data from a variety of sources to give the administrator an up-to-date picture of the various components involved in aviation maintenance.

Upon completion of the Class “A” school, up-and-coming Aviation Maintenance Administrationmen will be deployed to an aircraft carrier or other aircraft-capable vessel, attached to a fixed- or rotary-wing squadron, or one of the several Fleet Readiness Centers in the U.S. or abroad. Potential entry-level jobs are Technical Publications Librarian, Maintenance Administration Clerk, or Maintenance/Production Control Clerk.

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