Navy Service aiguillettes utilize a design that corresponds to the rank of the officer, official, or foreign representative whom the Sailor or Officer is serving as an aide or attaché, with the number of loops comprising the aiguillette increasing to match higher ranks. Service aiguillettes with four gold loops and dark blue spiral bands are reserved for a select group of Navy personnel: those serving as aides to the Vice President, Admirals or General Officer of equal rank in other military branches, and the General Counsel of the Department of the Navy; they’re also worn by Naval Attachés and Assistant Attachés.

Worn beneath the epaulet or shoulder board, the Four-Loop Service aiguillette is authorized for wear with the Service Uniform, as well as with the overcoat and all-weather coat, jackets, reefers, and pullover sweaters. Wear of aiguillettes is almost always limited to when personnel are performing official aide functions during certain events: official ceremonies, occasions calling for special honors, and at social functions involving formal invitations (or as directed by the commander).

In certain billets or assignments, however, aiguillettes are to be worn at all times. Members of the U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard, for instance, always wear aiguillettes except with their working uniforms; officers and CPOs only wear the Service aiguillette on the Service Uniform, all-weather coat (when worn with the Service Uniform), and the black relax fit jacket. Recruit Division Commanders and their assistant are authorized to wear aiguillettes at all times, as are some CPOs, Company Commanders, and Assistant Company Commanders at “A” School Military Training Departments.

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