Worn with the Evening Dress, Blue Dress (both “A” and “B”), and Blue-White Dress uniforms, Marine Corps Dress Aiguillettes feature two single cords and a pair of quarter-inch gold cords made of gold-colored or gilt threat, intertwined in three plaits and with “pencil” attachments on the end of each. Like the Service aiguillette, the Dress Aiguillette is always worn on the right shoulder by aides assigned to the President, Vice-President, White House, and foreign heads of state.

Understandably, Marine Corps regulations regarding the design and wear of Dress and Service aiguillettes are extremely similar to the Navy’s. But while the Navy specifies unique designs for the Service and Dress Aiguillettes worn by its aides to the President, the Marine Corps makes no such distinction: aides to the President wear the same type of aiguillette as that worn by an aide to a General, Admiral, or a civilian of analogous standing.

How the Marine Corps Dress Aiguillette is worn depend on the wearer and the uniform. Males wearing the right shoulder with the Evening Dress uniform suspend it from a hook inside the collar and from the top button if worn on the left. (The shoulder straps may be modified so the aiguillette can pass under the shoulder strap.) Males wearing the Dress Aiguillette on the Blue Dress jacket suspend it from the top button

Females wearing the Dress Aiguillette on the Even Dress and Dress coats suspend the aiguillette from the nut that secures the branch insignia or from a small button that, to quote Marine Corps Uniform Regulations (MCO P1020.34G), is “attached to the body of the jacket/coat under the extreme inside point of slash between lapel and collar on the side on which the aiguillette is worn.”

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