Sold in packs of four, these khaki shirt buttons are designed to replace buttons used on the Service Khaki Uniforms worn by male and female Officers and CPOs on the Service Uniform. They may also be used on the khaki shirt for the male enlisted (E-6 and below) year-round Service Uniform, as well as on the overblouse for female enlisted personnel (E-6 and below). The overblouse is considered a basic uniform component and may be optionally worn by female Offices and CPOs whose Service Khaki pants or skirts are made with the 75/25% polywool blend.

Shirt buttons are more frequently lost or broken than other clothing buttons because they are handled much more often. Thankfully, replacement shirt buttons are inexpensive and take up essentially no storage space, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t have some on hand (along with needle and appropriate colored threat).
Button Size
20 Ligne

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