The Coast Guard Recruiting Service Ribbon was not established until November, 1995, but the fact that it can be rewarded retroactively back to 1980 gives you an idea of just how important the work of the Guard’s recruiters is in maintaining a well-balanced, high skilled workforce. As the smallest of all the branches of the Armed Forces of the United States, there simply is no place for even the semblance of “dead weight” at any Coast Guard unit or facility. And that in turn means Recruiters must not only meet accession quotas, but also ensure that incoming members have the intellectual aptitude and psychological maturity necessary to handle tasks which in some cases can have life-or-death consequences.

When they’ve volunteered or been “voluntold,” Coast Guard members destined to serve as Recruiters will attend the Recruiter School held at Training Center Cap May, not coincidentally home of the Coast Guard’s Recruit Training School. The training regimen employed for Recruiters is highly flexible, with a large number of out-of-class assignments; these may require group participation, as well working over a weekend or a holiday. Interpersonal skills are invaluable in the recruiting process, and these are sharpened through training in public speaking and “salesmanship” techniques, which are further enhanced through videotaped role-playing scenarios that can be reviewed for insights on how to improve delivery of the Coast Guard message.

To qualify for the Recruiting Service Ribbon, Coast Guard members must have a Permanent Change of Station tour in recruiting duty for at least two consecutive years. Inactive-duty personnel who fulfill the Recruiter Personnel Qualification Standard and drill at or augment a recruiting office for at least two years are also eligible for the ribbon.

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