Coast Guard Petty Officers Third Class wear their insignia of grade on two types of headgear: Garrison Caps and Ball Caps (standard and unit).

Coast Guard Petty Officers Third Class (PO3) wear the Garrison Cap with Flight Suits and the Tropical Blue and Winter Dress uniforms. Additionally, PO3s may wear the Garrison Cap with the Service Dress Blue uniform unless wear of the Combination Cap is prescribed. When the cap is being carried but not worn, it is placed under the belt on the wearer’s right side with insignia facing outward.

The single gold chevron surmounted by a silver Coast Guard shield that comprises the Petty Officer Third Class rank insignia is placed on the wearer’s left side of the Garrison Cap. It is positioned so that the center of the insignia is 1-1/2 inches from the bottom of the cap and the leading edge of the device is two inches from front crease of the cap.

On Ball Caps, the PO3 grade insignia is worn centered on cap’s front so that lettering is not obscured. For the standard Ball Cap, center the device between the bottom of the lettering and the bill of the cap; on unit Ball Caps, center it between the two rows of lettering.

When sold in pairs, this same device serves as Petty Officer Third Class collar rank insignia on the Light Blue Shirt (long- and short-sleeve) and on the Winter Dress Blue Shirt. Click here to add PO3 collar rank insignia to your shopping cart.
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