The Auxiliary Annual Service Performance Operations (ASPO) Award is one of four decorations that underwent reclassification when the Coast Guard Auxiliary eliminated its Auxiliary Management (By) Objective System, or AMOS, and replaced it with the Auxiliary Annual Service Performance Awards. Other awards that were modified under the rule changes include Auxiliary Recruiting Service, Public Education, and Vessel Examinations/Marine Dealer Visitations Service.

As the name indicates, this award is for providing support for Coast Guards units and missions in their various missions; these include surface and air operations, operational watchstanding (examples include Officer of the Deck duty, communications watchstander, duty at the Search and Rescue Desk, and so forth). Administrative duties such as handling office communications, processing paperwork, or serving in a Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX) does not qualify.

The ASPO ribbon is issued with a device indicating the type of operational service that is being recognized. An “S” support device is for support activities that do not involve the movement of an Auxiliary facility (watchstanding); it requires at least 200 hours of support duty. The “O” operational device is issued for performance involving underway service (training missions are excluded); it is issued after 60 or more hours of surface mission activity or 30 or more hours of airborne aviation service. There is no allowable combination of surface and airborne operations to qualify for the award.

The other authorized device for the ribbon are the “M” indicating service involving marine safety and environmental protection (75 hours minimum), as well as bronze and silver stars for subsequent awards.

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