Scour the 230-plus jobs listed in the Manual Of Navy Enlisted Manpower And Personnel Classifications And Occupational Standards, and you’ll find the phrase “Junior Officers” in the job description of only one of them: Ships And Boats Mates. That’s the Job Title for Boatswain’s Mates (BM) who reach the rates of Petty Officer First Class and Chief Petty Officer, and it’s the lone instance where enlisted personnel are given the duty of training and supervising commissioned officers, specifically Ensigns, Lieutenants Junior Grade, and Lieutenant.

On average, it takes a Boatswain’s Mate almost ten years to reach the rate of Petty Officer First Class and almost thirteen to become a Chief Petty Officer, and the broad scope of a BM’s duties give these seasoned veterans the experience and expertise to bring junior officers up to speed on all things Navy. The list of areas in which junior officers receive tutelage from Ships And Boats Mates reads like the curriculum of a business-management course seasoned with healthy doses of Naval traditions and standards: Management and career information, programs and policies, military conduct and justice, naval traditions, leadership, military requirements, safety and security, and radio communications procedures.

But Ships And Boats Mates don’t spend all their time with junior officers under their wings, and the purview of their duties recalls the cliché “from stem to stern.” They are responsible for the maintenance and operation of all deck machinery, including firefighting and other emergency equipment, and assist in sea/air rescue missions. If a task involves a tug boat, a Ships and Boats Mate is overseeing the process, and the same is true when it comes to safety standards and operations. They assist the Safety Manager or Safety Officer to ensure the effective implementation of the Navy Occupational Safety and Health (NAVOSH) program; this includes inspections to identify hazardous health conditions and to ensure crewmembers are following safe work practices hazardous conditions, and keeping records of their findings for use the command safety organization.

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