Blouse your trousers quickly and easily with our flexible, adjustable metal boot blousers. Simply roll the trouser leg up until the tucked edge falls to the appropriate length, the loop the blouser around the top of the tucked material and secure it with the hook.

Army regulations call for the blousing of any trousers with a variety of uniform types. Army Combat Uniform trousers must be bloused if they are not tucked into the top of the boots, and the same rule applies for female personnel wearing the Maternity Work Uniform. With the Army Aircrew Combat Uniform, on the other hand, trousers are to be bloused only when the wearer is not performing flight duties and the trouser are not tucked into the top of the boo—and in those instances they are to use the hook-and-pile (Velcro) straps found on the trousers. Bloused trousers may be worn with the Army Service Uniform only by personnel in select units. They include those wearing Green, Maroon, or Tan berets (indicating Special Forces, Airborne, or Rangers personnel); those assigned to Air-Assault Coded positions; and Military Police while serving Military Police duties. Needless to say, boots are worn with the ASU when blousing is permitted.

Army blousing allows some leeway in the length of the bloused trousers, specifying they may not extend past the third boot eyelet. Navy regulations call for the trousers of the Navy Working Uniform to be bloused so that the the trousers cover the top three boot eyelets, while the Marine Corps' rules simply call for the blousing to be in a "neat, uniform manner." The Air Force regs call for trousers to be "evenly bloused and must present a bloused appearance."

Consult your service's uniform manual regarding which uniforms require or may require the blousing of trousers.

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