Medical Department suspenders are manufactured in the first-named branch color of Maroon. The wear of suspenders is authorized in DA 670-1 and is governed by five rules:

  • Suspenders are an optional purchase item
  • They are to be of commercial design
  • They may be worn only males
  • Wear is authorized with the Dress (AS), Blue Mess, and Evening Mess uniforms
  • Suspenders must not be visible when worn
At The Salute Uniforms, we offer two types of Medical Department suspenders: clip-on and button-loop. They are an inexpensive item that should be considered an integral part of a complete dress-uniform ensemble.


With an annual budget of more than $12 billion and nearly 4 million people eligible for beneficiary treatment, it can be difficult to comprehend just how many health care services are being delivered by Army Medical Department.

In February 2016, Army Medicine did a survey of the amount of work being done by its various departments in its fixed facilities in the United States. On a “typical day,” they handle nearly 55,000 outpatient visits, admit more than 250 patients on in-facility treatment, are responsible for almost 1100 patient beds, and perform over 24,900 dental procedures.

Related Army Medical Department Items Other services delivered on a daily basis include immunizations (9,388), radiological treatment or procedures (12,852), lab tests and work (84,806), dispensing outpatient prescriptions (57,365), and birth deliveries (71). And the Veterinary Corps conducts more than 400 food-safety visits every single day, inspecting over $23 million dollars in food to ensure sanitary storage and preparation.

Those are some jaw-dropping numbers for a 24-hour period—and they do not include the work being done by field units that serve with Army units deployed across the globe.
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