Derived from the French word for needle, aiguillettes are braided, one-piece cords worn around the shoulder that are made of gold bullion or gold-colored materials such as nylon or synthetic metal and which have metal-tipped ends (the inspiration for aiguille). Sported by soldiers and sailors from nations around the world for centuries, this now purely decorative appurtenance evolved from the lacing system used to secure the plates of a set of body armor. Just as with shoestrings, the metal tips made it easier to pass the lacing through the eyelets; if the front and back armor plates were configured with eyelets on the outside edges, the excess cord would often hang down from the wearer’s shoulder.

While aiguillettes come in two versions, Service and Dress, they are both worn by U.S. Army officers who have been assigned to positions as attachés, assistant attachés, and aides. As the designations imply, the service aiguillette is worn with the Army Service Uniform (ASU) during informal occasions, but how the aiguillette is worn depends on the duty assignment. When personnel are serving as social aides with the First Family at the White House, aides to foreign heads of state, or as the military aide to the President, the service aiguillette is worn on the right side of the uniform. Aides serving in any other positions wear the aiguillette on the left. (Note: the aiguillette is worn only when actually performing duties as aides.)

Regulations specify that Males wearing the service aiguillette will also wear the four-in-hand necktie. If a person authorized to wear the service aiguillette is wearing the black all-weather coat, the aiguillette may be worn on the outside of that garment rather than underneath it on the ASU jacket.

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