Worn by Psychological Operations (PsyOp) personnel serving in units that have not been authorized a Distinctive Unit Insignia, the Psychological Operations Regimental Distinctive Insignia was authorized on 18 November 1998. It consists of a shield vertically divided into gray, white, and black areas surmounted by a chess knight placed above two crossed swords with blades of lightning bolts and encircled by a laurel wreath. The base of the shield is bordered in gold and rests upon a green scroll inscribed with “Persuade Change Influence,” the motto of the Psychological Operations branch.

The three colored sections of the shield represent the three types of Psychological Operations: white for overt, black for covert, and gray for hidden. A chess knight is a common image in PsyOp heraldry because chess is a classic game of strategy and the knight has the unique ability to attack obliquely. Swords with lightning bolts for blades signify the ability to attack anywhere with speed; they also allude to the use of modern telecommunications to disseminate propaganda around the world almost instantaneously. The laurel wreath is a longtime symbol of both honor and achievement.

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