Unlike officers in other branches of the Army, Chaplains do not display subdued rank insignia on the Army Combat Uniform or headgear worn with it (Patrol Caps, boonies, and camouflage cover for helmets). Instead, they wear the Chaplain branch insignia of the faith which they hold; for Jewish Chaplains, this is represented by a depiction of the tablet containing the ten laws commonly referred to as the Ten Commandments, surmounted by a six-pointed star formed by two intersecting triangles.

When the insignia was first approved in 1918, the tablet had Roman numerals on the tablet, but in 1981 they were changed to Hebrew renderings of the numbers. These nuances, of course, are not visible on the subdued cloth branch insignia, which is colloquially referred to as an “ACU rank” or “ACU insignia” because the Velcro-backed design was introduced at the same time the Army began issuing the ACU.

On the ACU itself, the subdued embroidered Chaplain insignia is worn centered above the nametape, and it may be sewn on if preferred (but choosing this option means the wearer must also sew on the nametape, U.S. Army tape, and grade insignia). It is also authorized for wear in lieu of rank insignia on the Patrol Cap, Sun Hat (boonie), and helmet camouflage cover. Although pin-on versions of the Chaplain insignia may be worn on headgear, they are not authorized for wear in a field or deployed environment.
Cap Rank
UCP -Universal Camouflage Pattern

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