Constituted in November 1917, it didn't take the 3rd Division long to earn its nickname as the "Rock of the Marne." During the Aisne-Marne Offensive of July 1918, the division—spearheaded by its 7th Machine Gun Battalion—stood fast in the face a ferocious German attack. As their French allies retreated, Division commander General Joseph Dickman announced "We're staying here," but in French: "Nous resterons la," now the unit's motto. Enduring the weight of the last true German offensive of the war, the unit held its ground during the Second Battle of the Marne and earned the praise of AEF Supreme Commander John "Black Jack" Pershing, who described it as "one of the most brilliant pages in the annals of military history." Subsequently receiving the Special Designation as the "Marne Division," the unit earned official credit for participation in six WWI campaigns.

The story of the 3rd Division is a microcosm of the U.S. Army's European Theater operations in World War II. It took part in the initial landings in North Africa as part of Operation Torch and fought in the Tunisia Campaign; it was part of the amphibious invasion of Sicily known as Operation Husky, earning the respect of General George Patton by capturing the town of Messina before the British could arrive; and it twice landed on the Italian mainland, at Salerno and Anzio respectively. During fighting at Anzio, the 3rd Infantry earned the distinction of suffering more casualties in a single day than any other division in the war.

In the Korean War, the 3rd Division played a vital role in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, intially as protection for the left flank of Douglas MacArthur's "Home by Christmas" Offensive and then as rear-guad protection for U.S. forces that managed a breakout from Chinese and North Korean encirclement in late November and early December 1950.

The Cold War period saw the 3rd Infantry Division stationed in Germany near the border with Czechoslovakia, but Iraq's invasion of Kuwait led to its deployment to participate in Operation Desert Storm in 1991, with over 6,000 of its troops as part of the Allied Coalition. It took part in the now-famous tank battle at Medina Ridge, with its 3rd Brigade responsible for destroying 82 tanks, 31 APCs, and 11 pieces of artillery.

In 2003, the entire division deployed to Iraq for the first campaign of Operation Iraqi Freedom, where it fought its way to Baghdad in April. In its initial redeployment, the division's headquarters took of the Multi-National Division Baghdad, and on its third Iraqi tour of duty the HQ headed up Multi-National Division Central. 3rd Infantry Division assumed command of the United States Divisions-North in 2009 on its fourth deployment to Iraq. The Division has also sent several brigades to Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

The 3rd Infantry Division Combat Service Identification Badge (CSIB) features a blue background, representing the loyalty of the men and women who risked their live in defense of the principles of liberty and democracy. Three white stripes signify the three major operations conducted by the unit in World War I.

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