The 93rd Signal Brigade was originally constituted as a battalion in November 1941 and activated the following May at Camp Crowder in Missouri. Its Distinctive Unit Insignia, or unit crest, was approved on 20 February 1943, and was revised to reflect the unit’s redesignation as a brigade on 29 October 1980. (Note: the unit was not activated as a brigade until 16 March 1981.) The unit’s motto, “Loyalty, Harmony, Accuracy,” is emblazoned on a scroll at the base of the crest.

Following nine-plus years of deployment at Fort Gordon in Georgia, the 93rd Signal Brigade was inactivated in April 2007, then reactivated as a subordinate unit of 7th Signal Command (Theater) based in Fort Gordon; the 7th Signal had been inactivated in 1993 and was reactivated at the same time (16 July 2008) as the 93rd Signal Brigade. While the 7th remained at Fort Gordon, the 93rd was relocated to Fort Eustis, Virginia.

When the 7th Signal Command was stood up on August 2008, it was originally intended to have the 93rd, 106th, and 21st Signal Brigades under its command, but the 21st Signal Brigade instead was designated as part of 9th Signal Command. The 106th Signal Brigade, considered the “sister” brigade of the 93rd, is based at Fort Sam Houston in Texas.

The 93rd’s Combat Service Identification Badge and Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (AKA unit patch) feature a nine-pointed star cross by three lightning flashes, a visual representation of the Brigade’s numerical designation as well as it mission: in Army heraldry, lightning bolts and flashes frequently symbolize the speed of modern communications. The imagery also serves as an inspiration for the unit’s nickname, “Lightning Warriors.”

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