“TRIUMPHUS PERSUASIONIS,” or “Triumph of Persuasion,” is the motto of the 8th Psychological Operations Battalion (Airborne), and forms the basis of its Distinctive Unit Insignia, often called a unit crest because it is worn on the beret flash. A black background symbolizes the darkness created by lack of knowledge possessed by the groups the Battalion is attempting to persuade; a white border around it denotes the light of information that can be used to transform minds and attitudes.

Lightning flashes represent radio broadcasts that can illuminate the darkness, and a nib-down quill is an emblem for the power of the written word. The eight sides of the white border stand for the Battalion’s numerical designation.

The 8th Psychological Operations Battalion unit crest was originally approved on 7 January 1969; the description was amended the following month and again in 1993.
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The 8th Psychological Operations Battalion was originally constituted on 7 November 1967 and activated a few weeks later in Vietnam on December 1. Based in Nha Trang, it replaced the 245th Psychological Operations Company as the primary military organization supporting PSYOPs within the II Corps area of responsibility (though a small detachment of 245th was used to form Company B in the 8th POB.

In 1968, the entire Battalion was relocated to Pleiku, where it worked closely with the 4th Infantry Division until it returned to the U.S. in 1971, having earned credit for participation of ten of the seventeen named Army campaigns in Vietnam. Company B was split away from the Battalion in 1997 and assigned to U.S. Pacific Command as PACOM Battalion; it was later used as the basis for the formation of the 5th Psychological Operations Battalion that was reactivated in 2003.

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