The 54th Field Artillery Brigade Distinctive Unit Insignia was approved for wear on 17 December 1997, featuring a design that highlights both the brigade’s past history and its mission as a Field Artillery unit. A black arrowhead mounting a fleur-de-lis is flanked by two gold field pieces that meet at the top to form an upward-pointing chevron, longtime symbol of support in heraldry that in this case also implies spot-on accuracy in delivering artillery fire. The two field guns represent combat service in two World Wars, and the excellence of that service is recognized by their gold color.

Arrowheads on insignias almost always indicate participation in an assault landing, and this is no exception: the unit came ashore at Normandy on D-Day. A fleur-de-lis stands for campaigns in France in the First and Second World Wars. “To The Guns” is inscribed on a wavy scroll that recalls the appearance of a river, much like that seen in the Rhineland in the last months of WWII.

Created through the redesignation of the 54th Field Artillery Brigade in 2008, the 329th Regional Support Group is a Virginia Army National Guard unit that received the 54ths lineage and heritage, including all the campaign streamers and unit citations. The 329th RSG, however, did not have the 54th Field Artillery Brigade unit patch or unit crest redesignated for it, as the image of an artillery piece(s) being used to represent a Support unit would be somewhat jarring.

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