The 42nd Military Police Brigade was originally designated the 42nd Military Police Group and was stationed in Germany from 1968 until its inactivation in 1992 (some sources date the inactivation 1994). Its primary mission when the Group was initially activated was to provide customs enforcement, working closely with Germans customs officials at local and national levels and focusing especially on issues of procedures and entitlements for U.S. forces involving tax and customs regulations as they related to the NATO Status of Forces Agreement. The Group’s outstanding performance in resolving these issues was recognized with a Meritorious Unit Commendation in 1969.

New missions were assigned to the Group over the following years. After being transferred to the 15th Military Police Brigade, it was tasked with suppression of the drug trade and implementing anti-hijacking measures. In 1977, the Group’s outstanding work in customs enforcement led to the 42nd MP Group Commander being named Executive Agent for all customs issues involving U.S. European Command; six years later, the Commander was given the same role for U.S Army Europe.

Approved in 1969, the 42nd Military Police Brigade Distinctive Unit Insignia (unit crest) incorporates the Military Police branch colors of green and yellow, with the unit motto “Integrity of Action” in yellow/gold inscribed on a green scroll. In the center of the insignia is a portcullis, a clear reference to security both during war and in times of peace. A sword over the portcullis indicates the Brigade’s ability to provide protection as needed (the Brigade has been given the official Special Designation "The Protectors"), with the two clasps attached to the chain emphasizing the unit’s battlefield capabilities.

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