The fleur-de-lis on the Distinctive Unit Insignia or Unit Crest of the 29th Infantry Division—nicknamed “Blue and Gray”—represents the unit's participation in battle in both World War I and World War II in France and Central Europe. The bayonet is a reference to its infantry combat roles, and the colors red and green along with the barbs of the fleur-de-lis represents the award of the French Croix de Guerre with Palm. This was a specific award for its combat and sacrifice in the now famous amphibious landing on the beaches of Normandy where it lived up to its motto: “Twenty-Nine Let’s Go!” The color blue is traditional to the Infantry branch and gold is symbolic of honor and achievement.

Though the crest was approved on July 2nd,1985, the design denotes the courage, toughness and sacrifice the soldiers in the division made. One of the most enduring units of World War II, the division was in combat almost continuously from D-Day to V-E Day. They went on to capture St. Lo on July 18, 1944, in what was one of the bloodiest battle of World War II and often called the Battle of Hedgerows due to the tough natural terrain of the region. During a rest period in early March, it set up headquarters in Schloss Rheydt, a Renaissance palace in Joseph Goebbels' birthplace. After that, the division crossed the Rhine on March 31, eventually advanced to the Elbe River northwest of Berlin by the time of the German surrender.
Also available for the 29th Infantry Division are the Unit Patch and the Combat Service Identification Badge.

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