As of 2018, the 23rd Infantry Regiment comprises three Battalions—the 1st, 2nd, and 4th—that are currently assigned to various Brigade Combat Teams. The 1st is assigned to the 3rd BCT, 2nd Infantry Division; the 2nd Battalion is part of the 1st Stryker BCT, 4th Infantry division; and the 4th Battalion is a component of the 2nd BCT, 2nd Infantry Division.

The lineage of the 23rd Infantry Regiment, nicknamed the Tomahawk Regiment, extends back to the start of the Civil War, when these Battalions were constituted as Companies A, B, and D in the 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry. All three of the Battalions have campaign participation credits for almost every conflict since that time, Civil War and Indian Wars up to the War on Terrorism.

The 23rd Infantry Regimental Distinctive Insignia, often called a unit crest, is essentially the bottom half of the Regiment’s Coat of Arms. Blue and white are the two colors that have been used for Infantry units since Revolutionary War times. A Maltese Cross in the upper left quadrant symbolizes the Regiment’s service in Fifth Corps of the Army of the Potomac during the Civil War; while the Sea-Lion opposite is part of the seal of Manila and represents the unit’s service in the Spanish-American War.

A globe with a ship on each hemisphere is a visual reminder that the 23rd was the first American Regiment ever to circumnavigate the globe. The motto, “We Serve,” is a simple but powerful testimony to the decades of commitment and sacrifice the 23rd has contributed in defense of our nation and the liberties it affords.

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