The 325th Special Troops Battalion Distinctive Unit Insignia was designed during the months leading up to the 2006 inactivation of the 313th Military Intelligence Battalion and its conversion into a Special Troops Battalion. A then-26-year-old Specialist, Kreg Paul, learned that the new Battalion would be eligible for a newly designed unit crest and, given his background in graphic design, offered to contribute ideas and weigh in on designs already under consideration.

When he offered to create a crest from scratch, the only guidelines he was given were that the insignia must be Airborne-themed, associated with the Brigade the Battalion would be assigned to (2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne), and feature visual elements reflecting the skills and responsibilities of each of type of unit in the Battalion—Engineers, Chemical, Military Intelligence, Military Police, and Signal.

One of Paul’s first designs incorporated all the Branch colors from the units, which as one can imagine was not exactly soothing on the eyes. More successfully, he decided to incorporate symbols of each branch—Engineer’s castle, Signal’s lighting bolts, the key of Military Intelligence, and so forth—and include a parachute to reflect the Brigade’s heritage as an Airborne unit. To round out the design, he turned to the 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment’s unit crest as a guide on shape and colors, and crafted a very Airborne-inspired motto: "FROM SKIES OF BLUE."

By the time the design was approved in the summer of 2006, Paul had been deployed to Iraq. Regardless of where he was stationed, however, he had the unique privilege of being able to wear a unit crest on his beret that he had designed himself. (Note: the bulk of this information can be found in a story titled “Fort Bragg Soldier designs unit crest,” on the official Army Web site.

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