Originally approved for the 1st Aviation Battalion on 17 February 1964, the 1st Aviation Regiment Distinctive Unit Insignia (DUI), or unit crest, was rescinded between 1976 and 1981 and reinstated on September 1, 1981. It was redesignated for 1st Aviation (later 1st Aviation Regiment) in 1987.

The bird in the upper right is an alerion, a heraldic symbol of flight that invokes the image of a fixed-wing aircraft. A star in the lower left suggest the spinning of a helicopter’s rotary wings; the ultramarine of the field was chosen because of its association with Aviation unit insignia.
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The 1st Aviation Regiment has been associated with the 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley, Kansas ever since the establishment of the 1st Aviation Company was constituted in February 1957 and assigned to the division. It was constituted as Company A, 1st Aviation Battalion and again assigned to the 1st Infantry Division in October 1963. The Regiment’s 2nd Battalion was originally constituted as Company B in the 1st Aviation Battalion, also in 1963, while the third 3rd Battalion was first constituted as—what else?—Company C, 1st Aviation Battalion.

In 1987, the three companies became three battalion, with the 2nd and 3rd assigned to the 1st Armored Division; the 2nd Battalion was relieved from that assignment in 1991 and reassigned to the 1st Infantry Division, while the 3rd was inactivated in Germany 1996 and also relieved from assignment to the 1st Armored.

In October, 2005, the three battalions were redesignated as part of the 1st Aviation Regiment and are now all part of the 1st Infantry Division’s Combat Aviation Brigade. 1st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion is dubbed “Gunfighters;” 2nd General Support Aviation Battalion is known as “Fighting Eagles;” and 3rd Helicopter Assault Battalion is nicknamed “Nightmares.” In addition to the Brigade’s Headquarters and Headquarters Company, the Regiment is augmented by 601st Aviation Support Battalion (“Guardians”) and the 1st Heavy Attack Reconnaissance Squadron of the “Fighting 6th” 6th Cavalry Regiment.

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